The home buying process can be complicated, mostly because it has so many moving parts. Coordinating with the listing agent, banks, Title Company, inspectors, appraisers, and the seller can cause headaches for anyone. Add to that an 11 page standard offer to purchase contract that would make any law professor proud and you’ve got to take an aspirin just to think about it.

Here are the steps laid out to give you an idea of what I’m saying:

  • Pre-Approval
  • Looking for your prefect home
  • Buyer submits a contract to purchase
  • Seller reviews contract
  • Buyer and Seller negotiate
  • Acceptance
  • Escrow account opened and Title Company chosen
  • Various inspections ordered
  • Inspection Report Sent out
  • Title Company Reviewed by buyer
  • Lender orders appraisal
  • Buyer notifies Escrow Company about home owners insurance
  • Buyer receives loan approval
  • Loan documents prepared by lender
  • Closing documents compiled by Escrow Company
  • Buyers Final Walkthrough
  • Closing appointment set
  • Buyer and seller bring funds to closing
  • Closing Day
  • Lender Gives Funding Notice to Escrow Company
  • Disbursement of Funds
  • Seller Receives Funds
  • Title Policy Issued
  • Buyer Receives Key from Realtor
  • Lender Policy Issued
  • Lender Documents are signed and returned to lender
  • Documents are sent to recording
  • Final Documents are sent to All Parties


The trick is to keep all of these moving parts working together all the way to closing.

Inevitably problems arise. The home inspection reveals a problem with the wiring, the appraisal comes in low there are a myriad of things that can and will go wrong. Knowing how to handle them can mean the difference between getting to the closing table or not.

With the right guidance and support, buying a home can be an exciting and enjoyable experience. If you’re thinking about buying a home think about my free buyers consultation. I will help you with everything from narrowing down your home choices to keeping in constant communication with all parties involved all the way to closing. To set an appointment just give me a call at 863-271-8700 or shoot me an email at