New Lakeland Home Owners Mike and Heidi

New Lakeland Home Owners Mike and Heidi Angotti just closed on their new home so we just wanted to share the video with you and hope you’ll share with your friends and family and help us celebrate with them.

Vince: Hey guys we are here with Mike and Heidi and Angotti in front of the house they just purchased and we want to take this opportunity to congratulate them and give you a chance to congratulate them on social media.

Vince: Happy new home owners. Are you guys pretty excited.

Mike: Yes, very excited.

Heidi: Love it

Mike: Love it a lot

Cyndi: Tell us about the house

Mike: It has a pool table

Vince: Evidently Mike was sold on the pool table to begin with

Cyndi: Well word is they bought it for the pool table and the pantry

Vince: That’s the most important thing with a big family

Mike: Lots of space

Vince: Fantastic. So, I’m happy for you guys, we both are, I’m sure everybody is going to be happy for you and I’m sure you’re going to get a lot of love on Facebook and Instagram and everything else.

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