It all starts with a why. You do have a reason why you want or need to sell your home, don’t you? Some of the reasons people sell their homes are:

  • Moving because of a new job
  • Wanting to be close to family
  • Needing more space
  • Looking to simplify your life

All of these are excellent reasons to sell your home but do you have a plan?

You need a plan to get the process started. The plan should include how you are going to:

  • Determine fair market value of your home
  • What repairs or upgrades you will do
  • How will you find serious buyers
  • How will you show your home
  • What contracts will you use

This list is a good start but each of these requires a separate plan of action. Each task is representative of a different skill or body of knowledge. Sometimes the hardest part is figuring out what you don’t know.

Determining Fair Market Value for your Home:

Deciding what to list your home at goes way beyond tallying your current mortgage, knowing what your neighbor sold their house for or knowing you live in a popular neighborhood. If you were to unintentionally over pricing your home it can sit on the market until it becomes stale and buyers begin to think there is something wrong with it.

Determining What Repairs or Upgrades You Should do:

For instance, did you know that NOT disclosing a defect that is not readily visible can get you sued? Something as simple as forgetting about an issue because you don’t see it all the time – like a small leek that happens only during the rainy season that you never got around to fixing – can get you into some serious hot water.

How to Find Buyers:

Figuring out how to market your home to attract the right buyers without blowing through a ton of money.

Showing Your Home:

Determining What Contract You Should Use:

Negotiating the best price, getting a down payment and knowing which contract to use. All of these things have to be part of your plan.

This is why, in a world where information is available for free on the internet and people can learn how to do almost anything on their own, we Realtors still have job security. You can’t get experience or develop skills just by watching a YouTube video.

The process of selling a home is complicated and the stakes are high enough that hiring a professional to guide you is a must. During this session I will help you define your needs, come up with a plan and give all the information you need to make the right decisions about selling your home.

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